Protecting your company is important on all fronts: digital and physical. Last month, we focused on how to protect your data and keep your customers safe in the digital world. Now, we want to emphasize just how crucial it is to protect your company physically, too.

Core Connections can help connect you to the tools you need to keep your company safe. From preventing shooter threats to providing faster emergency response, we care about your safety and want to help you succeed.

If you want to protect your company, Core Connections can connect you with the right suppliers as a single point of contact. We make it easy for you to connect to your customers. See our supplier spotlight below for just one example of many.



Supplier Spotlight: Defendry

Defendry’s singular mission is to STOP active shooters and save lives through the use of advanced technologies. Defendry was launched in 2019 by proven innovators, engineers, and scientists who are passionately driven to provide affordable, sophisticated products that can help solve the current, tragic active shooter epidemic. Defendry integrates into the existing surveillance cameras and places an appliance with artificial intelligence onsite. Everyone is at risk of an active shooter incident. Schools, places of worship, hotels, retail, government buildings, office buildings, manufacturing plants, stadiums, and even outdoor events.