Turn your open spaces into revenue now with electric vehicle (EV) charging stations!

With greater amounts of unused retail and commercial space available today, installing EV charging stations can provide a wide range of benefits:

  1. Increased revenue
  2. Increased property value
  3. Tax incentives
  4. Reduced operating costs
  5. Positive brand image
  1. Increased customer satisfaction
  2. Improved employee retention
  3. Reduced environmental impact
  4. Attracting high-earning tenants, clients and visitors
  5. Offering convenience and accessibility to potential customers which can lead to increased business and customer loyalty

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It’s so easy to get started!

$0 Upfront, Partner with an Investor, or Buy Outright

Zero Investment

Purchase EV Charging Stations with $0 down and at a fixed interest rate while taking advantage of the tax rebates and government funding initiatives.

Cooperation with Customers

An Investor pays for the construction, implementation, equipment, and on-going electric costs, while sharing the profits with you.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging and Infrastructure

Purchase EV Charging Stations Outright while taking advantage of tax rebates and government funding initiatives.

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Monetize Your Parking Lots

By making available onsite EV charging services, turn your parking lots into profit-centers.

Increase Profits
Over Time

Growth Rate of EV’s expected to be 29% per year through 2030 as EV vehicle sales increase.

Flexible Payment Options

Take advantage today with $0 down and low out of pocket payment options.


» 1 out of 5

New cars sold will be electric vehicles by 20251

» 230 Million

Electric Vehicles on the road by 20302

» 300 Billion

EV charging infrastructure by 20303

» 20 Million

New EV chargers to be installed by 20304

Gas vs Electric Vehicle Sales Projection Chart

Get a FREE 10-Year Revenue Forecast on what you can earn with the installation of EV Charging Stations »


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