Helpful Resources and Videos

These short explainer videos offer invaluable solutions and insights into the challenges many companies face.

Customer Experience Quiz: What’s the key to winning and keeping customers? (1:03)

Does SD-WAN Matter to You? SD-WAN explained in less than 2 Minutes (1:51)

Customer Experience Quiz: What percentage of customers get frustrated? (1:01)

Customer Experience Quiz: What’s the number one cause of customers switching? (1:08)

Core Connections – Why you want to work with us! (4:48)

Call Center as a Service – Hosted CCaaS (4:00)

Software Defined Wide Area Network: How SD WAN works

Cyber & Data Security: Avoid the huge cost of a security breach before it happens. (2:02)

Disaster Recover & Business Continuity: Keep your business thriving before and after a natural disaster. (1:53)

Fiber-Optic Internet: Why upgrade from Coax to Fiber? (1:42)

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)- Do you need to comply:  As a U.S. organization, do you face potential fines? (2:00)

Go Mobile – How to work from anywhere: VoIP Mobility Solutions for Business (1:15)

Hosted Voice – Escape from Legacy Island: The Benefits of Hosted Voice set to the tune of Gilligan’s Island (1:54)

Hosted Voice Solutions: Reign in Costs and Even Them Out (1:44)

Lose the Chains. Gain the Freedom:  Why Voice Technology equals Better Customer Service (1:48)

Moving or Expanding? Partner with an expert: How to Shorten your Moving Checklist  (1:37)

New Technology – Don’t Let Someone Eat Your Lunch:  Business Competition requires Quick Response (:20)

New Technology – Don’t Work Blind:  New Technology gives you the Insight to Earn More (:15)

New Technology – Is Your Business Phone Costing Money or Making Money:  Importance of a Business Phone Upgrade for Profitability (:15)

New Technology – Map vs. GPS:  Old vs. New Business Phone Technology (:14)

New Technology – The Old Technology Time Bomb:  Old Phone Systems are Ready to Explode (:17)

Service & Support – The Easiest YES:  Why Service & Support is more than just a warranty (2:05)

TELE Talk – Become a VoIP Expert:  Learn about VoIP in 2 Minutes (2:46)

Winning the Game of Business:  Equip Your Team with a Telecom Equipment Upgrade (2:04)

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